Good Finance Mortgage Loans For Home Construction

When encountering entrepreneur Andrew, one has to think that houses are similar to their owners: rational clarity, logic, and modernity are reflected in the newly built house. The dream come true with the support of Good Finance Mortgage.

A smart choice

Andrew is the owner of Good Solutions, an international IT consulting and software company. For the time being, he still lives with his family in Munich, Germany, where the parent company is based but will move to the river Lielupe early next year. Because it recognizes that mental health feels much better here than in Germany in many respects, and Jurmala enjoys not only the presence of the sea and nature but also the necessary infrastructure for a European-friendly life. Initially, he and his wife bought an apartment in Lielupe.

“We thought it was pretty good until we bought the dogs – two Jack Russell Terrier puppies. Girls needed a place to run, ”Andrew smiles. When a suitable plot of land was found, there was no doubt about the architectural design of the house – in Germany, the entrepreneur was very fond of historically constructed half-timbered houses.

“There was no house – the house is!”


After visiting several construction companies in Germany and Finland, Andrew chose to use the services of a local company, because he proved that he was able to create exclusive products from local timber. “I had never encountered such precision of work even in pedantic Germany,” Andrew praises. He is also very pleased with the collaboration with architect Eric Martinov from the Architectural Office “Pils M”.

First, a small guest house was built on the plot. “Its frame was completed within three weeks. Neighbors couldn’t believe their eyes: there was no house – the house is! ”Says, Andrew. “We spent the cold winter of 2012 in the guest house and were very pleased – everything worked flawlessly.” Now, the last interior finishes of the living room, which the owners will be able to complete in November, remain.

“Exactly what we wanted”

"Exactly what we wanted"

Andrew’s realization of the idea in such a short time has been helped by a Good Finance mortgage. “It was much more profitable for me to borrow money for this personal purpose at a bank than to take out my own business because the interest rates on loans in Latvia are pleasantly low.” It is dominated by a tree and in large squares – panoramic glazing, which allows enjoying the sunlight falling through the pine wreaths and beautiful views of Jurmala. It corresponds to the emotional desires of the owners.

“The feeling of being directly in nature with my wife is very important,” admits Andrew. “And here we can enjoy it, just like in an aquarium. We feel very well here. We got exactly what we wanted. ”

Good Finance Mortgage Loans for Home and Construction:

  • up to 90% of the market value of the property
  • for a term of up to 30 years

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