Why should you be very careful with private lenders?

Today we see more and more how there are people who impersonate private lenders. These people create or clone a website, put their contact information and lend money at a certain interest rate; however, they use the needs of users to take their data and information and commit fraud.

Private loans do not exist unless it is a friend or relative of yours who lends you the money, but if it is a stranger the first thing you should do is distrust.

How to recognize fake money lenders?

How to recognize fake money lenders?

The first thing to keep in mind is that private lenders take advantage of users, offering better loan terms than a banking entity. They probably offer more money at a much lower interest rate, also without asking for a single requirement. You will also find individual loan pages online, and you will think that they are people like you offering money to help, but that is not the case.
What these particular lenders do is contact you with a good speech, also very convincing, but if they do not have a web page, they probably have done it through Facebook or an ad on any page. If you see that an individual lends money without guarantees, distrust and report that message immediately because most likely he is a scammer.

There are already known cases where supposed reliable private lenders contact the user offering for example 5000 euros, but they ask for a deposit of money for their safety, the unbelieving user sends the money and these online lenders disappear with the money that the user entrusted to them. If this does not happen, private lenders ask for all the data of the person including their ID and if they do not use them to make scams, they sell these databases to other companies for economic benefits. So do not trust individuals who offer loans, rather go to a recognized entity that offers guarantees.

Recognizing these scammers is not very difficult, the first thing you should see is that if you offer your services through Facebook, WhatsApp or my account, the chances are that they are fake lenders online. If on the other hand, you see that they have a web page that looks great, always check that the address starts with HTTPS and has the lock icon, if not, they can be fraudulent online stores.

What to do if I have been scammed?

What to do if I have been scammed?

If you run into private money lenders who often impersonate French or other country lenders, report your accounts immediately, if they do so through social networks. If they have a website you can contact the Spanish Cyber ​​Police, especially if you have already fallen into their traps.

If you were a victim of scams online, the first thing is to call your bank to cancel any transaction that you have done, if so, and if not, to change all your security information such as questions, codes, etc., in case the scammers can think of entering with the data you already gave them. Once you finish this you must report the facts with the corresponding authorities, these also include the Office of Internet Security (OSI).

There you can report all the contacts or pages you have of these particular lenders. You will also have to inform the Central Unit of Computer Crime of the Police and finally, you can install a plug-in of the page of the Group of Telematic Crimes of the Civil Guard that allows you to report the website immediately, in case you return to bump into a loan offer between private individuals in Spain.

If you have not been scammed yet but you have doubts about a company or person that is offering you quick loans without collateral between individuals, look for user opinions on networks and forums, someone may have already been in your situation and told your experience. Check if that site has current terms and conditions that are in accordance with the site and are not taken from another place.

You can also contact consumer organizations which will inform you about the legality of the company and can often provide you with a list of fraudulent websites so that you can be prevented if any of these particular lenders contact you.
Keep all of the above in mind to report scams online and private money lenders without collateral. Believe us that you will avoid many inconveniences if you report on time.

So how can I get a money loan?

So how can I get a money loan?

You do not have to look for someone who lends cash or urgent private loans, there are currently many options for users in need of personal loans, and you do not have to resort to private lenders who can take advantage of you.

One of the tactics of private lenders is to tell you that if you are in debt or already have a debt running, no entity will lend you that money, which is not true. Although with Credit Institutions your possibilities fall, there are entities today that offer loans to people with Credit Institutions, pensioners, students, etc., the only difference is that the conditions and amount of money are different, but that is why you should not take credits between individuals.

If you need money to pay rent, study, travel, help a family member, etc., a personal loan will work very well for you. Find a reliable page with a financial comparator, enter your payment terms and you will be able to see the options in the market, from reliable and secure sites; This way you won’t have any problem and you won’t have to report a scam online in the future.

You know, if you run into private lenders in Madrid or anywhere else in the world, do not fall for their games, do not give them information, or even contact them, because these private lenders only want to take advantage of people and what less They care about your needs.


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